$75 per hr private at your location...travel fees apply outside Coweta County 

 $ 60 per hr semi privates per person

Groups of 3-6 students - $ 50 per hr per student based on 5 hr day
Workshops of 3-6 days available at off-site facilities... 3 minimum - 6 person maximum,

($ 600 Daily fee plus all expenses)

Barn Consultations billed on hourly basis of $ 75 per hr
​ plus travel

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​​​​Study with Karen


"I invite you to join me on this empowered journey to discover letting go of the

'HOWS and FLOW into the NOW' with your horse"

Create the Relationship you know you were meant to achieve~

Karen educates through a blend of Reward Based Instruction

on the ground, at liberty and in the saddle. 

Safety, relationship and progression in a fun learning environment that supports the

Student's "Big Picture" Goal !

                Educational Opportunities are available through Workshops, Privates, Semi Privates and my                   NEW Long Distance Video Coaching Education Program, "I Love My Horse, BUT...." 


Motivational Horsemanship with

Karen Jones



​Target training with a cl​icker with Rhett!...



 Positive Reinforcement (also known as clicker/R+)

​Unlike other methods of training horses, this approach means that the horse is motivated to offer behaviors without fear of what might happen if he makes a mistake.  Clicker trained horses are inquisitive and willing, and clicker training is a rewarding way of learning for horse and owner.

Clicker training can be a very clear way of working with a horse - you mark the exact aspect of a behavior so he has the opportunity to learn precisely what behavior you want. Also, the horse learns that training sessions are fun and thus it can help to build a strong bond based on trust and positive associations with the owner.

    Motivation Science , FUNctional Movement Science and Learning

Autonomy is key is aiding the horse and human in finding their innate movements.  We were both born to move, but somewhere along the way, we seem to have lost our instinctual sense of movement.  Pain can be the culprit in some instances, but most likely, the BRAIN is the challenger of the movements of body!  Motivation plays an integral part on accessing the part of the brain where learning takes place and behaviors are formed.  Both Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivation are used in finding funcational movement. 

Riding Equitation and Performance

 For riders of all disciplines (western, english, gaited, etc), using positive reinforcement (for human and horse!), classical horsemanship dressage principles.

Karen focuses on:

-Autonomy for both horse and human
~Understanding the nature of the horse
~Learning timing and feel
~Creating lightness
~Encouraging your horse's athleticism through FUNctional Movement

~Developing an independent seat and correct use of aids
~Fostering a true partnership between horse and rider

Fear and Confidence 

Especially for beginners and new horse owners, lessons include horse health care and management, groundwork and riding.

As a horse owner, trainer and riding instructor for over 45 years, I have extensive experience working with a variety of challenges and unique situations, including:

~Adult beginner riders
~Riders returning after a long break
~Riders dealing with fear and confidence issues
~Horses with a history of abuse and mishandling
~Horses with limited, incomplete, or incorrect training
~Horses of many different breeds and temperaments

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