For awhile now I have wanted to send you a note about how much I have appreciated the coaching and knowledge you have given me.  Today my dreams started to become reality.  My natural horsemanship journey started 8+ years ago.  I have gained skills, knowledge, ability, and savvy through the years from top Parelli Instructors in the clinic environment.  The coaching I have received from you within the last 2 years has propelled me forward with confidence, improved ground skills, much improved riding skills, and adding Lightness.  ~Becky

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Can't say enough about my sessions with Karen, before, my confidence was shot, my horse would rear, rip the lead rope out of my and hands and leave, he bucked when I rode him, I had pretty much given up. Things started to change as soon as Karen started coaching us, I don't know exactly what happened, but our whole relationship changed. My horse looks at me differently, we seem to understand each other much better, he stops and "asks questions" , I can't remember the last time he ran off. Now, if I do get an occasional buck, I can look at the whole situation and usually figure out what caused it (usually something I did.... or didn't do!)
The joy and fun are back in my interactions with my horse! I only wish Karen lived closer so we could see her more often!

For the past few months a group of Georgia and Alabama girls have had the privilege and pleasure of working with Karen on natural horsemanship skills, and boy have  we LEARNED A LOT!!!!   Karen is an excellent horseman and  can work successfully with all levels of people as well as horseflesh.         It has been very interesting to me to  see how succesfully Karen gets to the root of difficulties and has many different solutions in her savvy bag.  We have a very  "mixed bag" clinic (no pun intended)  and I think  we would be challenging for any instructor!  Among the participants are  active   and AVID foxhunters,  beginner natural horsemanship students,  and three confirmed dressage riders. We have  two huge green imported warmbloods and I mean just off the ship.  They are making great strides!!!  All problems seem to have an appropriate and successful strategy.  We also have a very bouncy (and beautiful Arabian) (he's mine)  who is doing great and learning some skills his rider (me) never thought she would attempt ie the "carrotstick ride"!!!   Our beginner people can't get to the barn fast enough to practice their new skills, tangle themselves up in ropes,  trip over sticks etc.  Karen is very patient and FUN!!!!        I can't say enough  good things about the clarity of Karen's teaching.    We are all working hard  to accomplish  our  goals - some of us are aiming for passing parelli levels and others are  just looking for new strategies  to add to our  horsey experience.  I have been personally amazed to see the  progress  and also the enthusiasm of the participants.  Coming from so many disciplines  it has been so much fun to see how we've all embraced this new and "different" way of  naturallness.   ~~Peggy Heard

​​Praise  :-) 


 An overdue communication.

 I am still Randall Washington from Marshallville, Georgia. I was at Charlie’s Farm and your play days  maybe six or seven years ago.  I am still “messing around” with horses (even several mules and donkeys). I am still fascinated with the ground work that should go along with training young and older horses.  I now ride my neighbors John mule that I trained from about 2 months to 4 years. Dudley has become a fairly good trail mule that almost anyone with some experience can ride.  A few local owners have even begun to  asked me to help out with some of their horse problems. You know the problems:  Won’t lift their rear legs.  Won’t tolerate a spray bottle. Won’t stand still for saddling.   I could tell you a hundred storied, but I am sure that you have heard to same stories from your former students.  Just a thank you for being the first person to really open up my eyes as to how a horse/human relations is supposed to work.  I remember after the first play day; I drove home thinking that I will have to become an actor.After the second play day; I understood that I must become a good actor. After the third play day; I discovered that I would have to become a mime.And after the fourth play day; I wondered if I could become a very good French mime! I wouldn’t want to work with horses day in and day out. But for a few hours each week being around horses is one of the best “temporary amnesias” that I know of.  It was you that introduced me to a method, theory, technique that allows me to enter into another world for a few hours each week. It’s a very good place to go. 


 Thanks again for a wonderful, mind-blowing day on Friday - I'm still chewing on all that I learned and tried to put some into action over the weekend. It's almost too fantastic to explain to others some of this and I especially am so totally intrigued by the 'eye' contact and visual commands I can't hardly stand it! In fact, I would really like to have a bit of a refresher on that - I honestly felt like I had even greater response from my horses and picked up a vibe from them as if they were saying 'hey Jan, welcome to our world, you actually get it!!!'. What a feeling!   ~~Rebecca

The successes I have recorded from our coaching sessions are amazing to go back and

review.  October of 2008 my unspoken goal was to learn to canter.  The fear of not knowing

what it would be like to canter, and cantering a go-aholic horse that had no reference of

cantering with a rider had me paralyzed.  Somehow you knew I was ready.  During a

coaching session in Oct. 2008 you saw the opportunity and encouraged me.  It is just shy

of a year now and we are cantering and working towards flying lead changes.  Wow! 

My other horse can be a challenge to get him to go forward.  June 2009 I could barely

get him to walk forward and by the end of the session we were CANTERING

around the arena.  These have been huge milestones for me and my relationship

with my horses.  There have been way too many small successes to even write about.  

The success I achieved in my riding sessions this morning I would like to attribute

to you and you’re coaching.  This morning I rode both of my horses bareback and

brideless at the walk and trot.  I am still glowing with excitement and the possibilities

that lay ahead.  Thank you so very much.    ~~Lisa 

Karen has an outstanding level of knowledge and ability, dedication, passion, belief, contagious enthusiasm, sensitivity and understanding - and it is all this that makes her an outstanding horsewoman and "horse whisperer" - as an instructor - an enduring influence!!


~Motivational Horsemanship

Karen Jones