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Karen Jones



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"A trainer can do all the training in the world with your horse, but unless you gain more knowledge, compassion and better your skills, your horse will never understand all that you are asking and you will never realize all that you are being shown . My wish for any true horse lover is that they continue to gain knowledge about the majestic horse.  Understanding, working with and developing a better partnership and relationship with your horse is a peaceful, yet exhilarating emotion that is unexplainable."  ~Karen

I have been around horses and in and out of the show ring for
50+ years.  I am comfortable in the world of natural horsemanship, having been influenced by trainer and educators, Linda and Pat Parelli, along with many other natural horsemanship clinicians, horsewomen and horsemen.   Being a true 'student of the horse' has had a huge influence on my horsemanship skills and ultimately, on the development of my own unique program of true and classical horsemanship,

"Motivational Horsemanship".

 As a natural evolution of my beliefs, studies, research, experiences and principles, "Motivational Horsemanship" encompasses the whole horse, not just their education, behavior and psychology. I am a dedicated advocate of bare hooves and natural horse keeping.  I utilize natural and complementary therapies for my family and my animals. I have studied Reiki, Equine Touch, Energy Healing for Horses, Masterson Method, Health Through Touch, Equine Hanna Somatics, TTouch and other healing and energy modalities.

I take pride in what I know and share my experience and knowledge with my students. I have spent my life devoted to training and learning as much as I can and pursue my continuing education with many fine horsemen and horsewomen such as Kathy Sierra, Anna Marciniack, Marijke de Jong, Aimee Brimhall McCord, Karen Rohlf, David Lichman, Anna Twinney, Ruella Yates, Jonathan Field, Susan Smith and others.  I went out on my own to teach and share my own methods and philosophies in 2005 and continue to learn from my horses, my mentors and my students. I enjoy teaching because what takes place between my students and myself is a simultaneous learning experience....when you teach something you think you understand to someone else, you are apt to gleen a far deeper understanding of the value of the information when it's played back to you through someone else's experience. 

 I invite you to join me on this empowered journey to discover letting go of the

HOWS and flow into the NOW with your horse